Organically grown food and a desire to heal...

We are very excited to introduce to you a couple of new additions to our team, Laura and Mary! Not to discount the value of the help that the kitchen staff, drivers, bartenders, and servers who have helped us in past few years, but these new additions to our team are helping us in taking the concept of eating well (healthy, organic,local,seasonal,...) to it's optimum level and that is by organically growing some of the food we serve you on a beautiful piece of land in Flint Hill, Virginia. They will also bring their expertise in the kitchen buy guiding us with their knowledge of nutritional benefits of the ingredients we use.

In future emails we will share with you some of the details of how the growing process works and it's benefits. For now, here is a little information about these fabulous ladies who will help us bring to you healthy delicious meals.

Laura grew up foraging plants and eating wild game in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. She fell in love with organic gardening while in her twenties, working for Heifer Project International in Central Massachusetts. When she finally settled in Virginia in the 90's she pursued a career as a professional gardener. She many of her clients to grow flowers, herbs, and food organically. Most recently Laura worked at Oak Spring Garden, the Mellon Estate, in the greenhouse and vegetable/cut flower garden. She comes to us with a love and enthusiasm for healthy organically grown food and a desire to heal people with nutrient rich food.

Mary is from the eastern shore of Maryland which is a beautiful place where the land and water intertwine. She grew up eating locally from this land's abundance of waterfowl, seafood, fruit from local orchards and vegetables fro the family garden. Mary knew her calling would be centered around plants by the time she finished high school. After a two year gardener apprenticeship program at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, she started a landscape business in her home town. In the early 90's she ended up in Virginia, landscape gardening and organic market growing.

We all can not wait to start offering a "our farm"-to-table menu to you in the spring.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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