Brrrrrr!!!!...Comfort Foods combined with antioxidants!

Brrrrrr!!!! This cold weather makes me want to make stews, hearty soups, and comfort food. Some how most comfort food recipe's we are used to eating are loaded with calories and fat, however our version of these soul warming meals are lighter yet as tasty and filling.

-The chicken parm is not breaded or fried, it has minimal amount of parm and we add skim mozzarella to give that gooey cheesy feeling to it.

-The meatloaf is loaded with veg and herbs, and contains no bread crumbs. Really all it is, is lean protein and veg.

-The chili is made with organic soaked dried beans and house made spice mix. no masa or thickening agents. I do like to have my chili with spaghetti so I feel less guilty when I know the chili is as low calorie as a chili can get.

-The Minestrone is made with house made veg broth and we eliminate the pasta and add more variety of veg.....

You get where I am going with this! A week full of hearty comfort foods combined with antioxidants and cleansing foods such as the salads and the herbs and spices.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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