Dreaming of Tuscany...

The other night I fell asleep while watching an Italian cooking show. Ever since that night I have been dreaming about cooking in a kitchen on a Tuscan hill with Florence in the horizon. Wouldn't that be nice!!!!

So now all I can think about is Italian and Mediterranean food. My memory of Italy, like any other place, is always about the food and the art. When I think of Italy I think of tomatoes, zucchini, lemons, herbs, olives, fennel, cannellini beans, beets, truffles, mushrooms, all kids of nuts, and well of course Pasta. OH YUM!!!

Hence this weeks menu.

If you ask my son what is my favorite veg, he will say Zucchini. I'm not sure I can say it's my favorite as I love all veg, but zucchini is on the top of the list for sure. I love them roasted with tons of herbs, fried with pasta and beans, raw in salads or with dips, and the best way ever as carpaccio.

Carpaccio is usually done with meat and fish. The same concept can be applied to vegetables such as zucchini, beets, radishes and carrots. For some reason zucchini has been looking amazing at the market so I could not resist and I am looking forward to offering it on the menu this week and make some for myself as well ;)

Anyway, I hope you will travel with me, through my food, where my dreams have taken me the last few nights and enjoy the flavors of amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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