Italian / Food Markets are just one of the most amazing places to spend a day...

Italian /food Markets are just one of the most amazing places to spend a day at. Too bad we don't have one in DC area. Daughter and I spent our Saturday at one in Boston last week and if I didn't think we would get arrested, I would have pitched a tent and stayed there.

Imagine.... a gorgeous hand-blown glass with a dry Rosé🍷 in hand and first stop was a shop that makes fresh cheeses, mozzarella and burrata right in front of you. There was so many variety of cheeses that I had to text pictures of them to my cheese connoisseur friend J. If she was with me, she would have convinced me to pitch the darn tent and stay, she would charm the cops and we wouldn't get arrested. 🧀🧀🧀 Few steps away there was stand with baskets filled with dried grapes(raisins) on the vine, pistachio, figs, pine nuts...., right across the way a pasticceria displaying mini porfiterols, cannoli's, Struffolis, ....and a million flavors and shapes of chocolates.🍫

The fresh produce right next to she pastry section was loaded with veg and greens🍅🍆 I had never seen. Pink lettuce, various colors and shapes of radicchio, all types of heirloom broccoli's and much more. I needed more Rosé due to all that sensory overload 😉 but that was easy to resolve, there were few eateries right there.

As soon as we were seated, slices of freshly baked bread wrapped in parchment paper and a small dish of nutty olive oil was placed right in front of us. The menu, oh my! Honestly I wanted one of everything on there but that would be just too silly. I have to say I was really happy that I had walked 10 miles the day before and another 10 miles the day before that, so I went for a few courses starting with pasta and ending with pasta as well :)Anyway, this weeks menu is inspired by some of the flavors and ingredients at an Italian market.

We hope you will enjoy the meals as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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