We are so much happier when we see holes in the greens....

I was at the market looking through bunches of asparagus and an older gentleman standing next to me was huffing and puffing and seemed frustrated. I asked if I could be of any help, and he said, "well, they are all in different shapes and sizes. I am looking for bunches that are all the same length and size.". That made me think of what we talk about in the kitchen when we open the bags/boxes of produce.

We are so much happier when we see holes in the greens, weeds in between veg and herbs, worms and bugs still crawling around and still having a feast, and dots on the fruits. If these signs are not present, it would mean they didn't grow in dirt, and they were sprayed with toxins. If it kills the bugs, it can't be good for you and your family eh? Even if they were grown organically but they look too perfect, that would mean so many of them were wasted before the perfect one got to the market.....that is whole other environmental issue.

So where I am trying to get with this is, if you are buying local and visit your local farmers markets, don't just look for the Certified Organic logo. Ask your farmer their practices. They all can't or don't want to pay for the certification but most if not all are always very honest about their growing practices and will tell you if they use pesticide or not. Look for stands that have seasonal produce(no tomatoes and green peppers in April!) and look for the bug holes and weeds in between bunches.

Most Farmer's markets in the area are either already open or will be opening soon. Hope you will visit and support them.

We hope you will enjoy the meals as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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