Visit your Local Farmers Market....

Busy time of the year for those of us in food service. Weddings, graduations, BBQ parties, school events, company luncheons and so on.... So I will spare you with my stream of consciousness blurb but do want to remind you to visit your local farm or farmers markets as they are all open now. Nothing better than an early morning visit to a local farmers market on a Saturday or Sunday morning! Air is fresh, cool and scent of greens and veg that were picked few hours earlier are just exhilarating.

Please support your local farmers and buy less processed food for better health and lower carbon footprint.

As always this weeks menu is inspired by what is available locally and what we are growing ourselves.

We hope you will enjoy the meals as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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