What...Winter Squashes in the Spring?

Sister #1 reminded me today of a salad beans and potato our Grandmother Emil (yes my Emil is named after her) used to make when she didn't want to make a hot meal for dinner. Mother of 12 and grandmother to 26 Emil was an amazing cook who used to travel around the world to learn more about food, come up with new ways/ideas to entertain, and of course shop. At 4 feet 5 inches, she carried herself as if she was ten feet tall! She was a decedent of a revolutionary monarch and she made sure you knew who was the boss.

So when she traveled, anytime she liked what she was served in restaurants, she would without invitation just walk into the kitchen, look for the chef and demand the recipe. And from the meals I enjoyed at my grandparents house, I would say she managed to get them. ;)

Anyway, when I started thinking about what to include on the menu, this week, I thought the bean dish she used to make for us would be a nice summer dish that can either be served cold with some salad greens or heated up over rice or quinoa. Her chopped salad was a bit different than what we are used to eating in United States. The Olives, radishes, pepperoni, and the herbs give this salad big punch, kinda like her, letting you who is the boss.

Also on the menu this week, something I have never seen before but Farmer Andy who started growing everything in his green houses and has some winter squashes this time of the year... WHAT ??? I love winter squashes but one tends to get tired of eating sweet potatoes and winter squashes September- February but now that seems to be so long ago after today's heat. So I think it will be nice to have some on the menu this week. I am going to roast them with Mary's kohlrabi and Laura's honey. An amazing mix I think. packed with nutrition and love!

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy growing and cooking them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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