I love making cherry rice this time of the year...

CM, a lady of true taste and elegance gifted me a Persian cook book couple of years ago that was given to her by the former Iranian Ambassador to the US. As I am not a purebred Iranian, it is wonderful to have this book as a reference.

Sister #1's birthday is right around the corner and she loves this rice dish called Albaloo Polo( sour cherry rice). So I love making cherry rice this time of the year as cherries are in peak right now locally. My family has their own recipe of this summer rice dish but I do like using the recipe from the book CM gave me. Traditionally cherry rice is made with small meat balls but at weddings and formal celebrations, it's served with saffron braised beef.

My family recipe does not include pistachio and almonds but the cook book calls for it as a garnish. I happen to have some almond and pistachio slivers from Iran and love using them with the cherry for color.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals as much as we are excited to share them with you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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