"The sun brings new beautiful tomatoes everyday."

"The sun brings new beautiful tomatoes everyday" said Melody. Tons of it in fact! I am going to pick up a whole bunch of them from her Organic farm today and plan on using most of them it in what I will call as the Special of the Week Marinara Sauce, but it really is lot more than that.

When I was in Boston few months back, I picked up a bottle of a tomato sauce from a famous chefs food market. This bottle had no label or ingredient list. I loved the color which was not super red, it was not too sweet, and not heavy or thick and though it was pureed, the skin and seeds were not sieved. Other than just using it on pasta, It also went well over grilled meats (I'm told), I loved it on cheesy toast and I think it could make for an easy soup if added to broth..... I have been pureeing tomato sauces ever since but was not getting it right till this week. Silly me...I finally figured out that what was missing was soffritto, Italian cuisine's Holy Trinity.

So with Melody's tomatoes, onions, and celery we should be able to make the sauce better than Chef Boston :)

Also on the menu this week:

Kebab with Fairy Tale eggplant- These tiny jewels are best tasting eggplants ever!!! Papa used to love having roasted eggplant and tomato salad. The salad tends to be a soupy mush so I thought I would deconstruct it and just halve the eggplants ad the tomatoes and dress it with the relish that gives it the amazing flavor.

Mama's Stuffed Peppers- Mama started making her stuffed veg with mushrooms instead of meat for my sake and I think most of my family members prefer the mushroom version over the meat. The secret ingredient is tarragon.

Shrimp boil- Andy has small potatoes and corn coming up this week that calls for a shrimp boil. We have prepared the boil for you in the past but this time, I am going to roast the artichokes as it was a big hit few weeks back.

Melon and rosemary infused cream- This garlicky rosemary cream is a labor of love but it just takes the soup to another level and totally worth the calories :)

Anyway, So many amazing veg will be available so as always the menu is dictated by the ingredients available locally.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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