Yikes, lots of eating happens when we are off from work...

Yikes, lots of eating happens when we are off from work. We really don't shut down the kitchen, we just try new things. Somethings turn out to be amazing and some, not so much. We tried making ferments with savoy cabbage and OMG, the stench was lot worse than Kimchi and it just was not tasty. The cucumbers not so different. It all went to the compost pile....I bet it will keep even the animals away.

BUT, we made these amazing (if I do say so myself) spreads. I got a bunch fruit from a local farm and had tons of herbs growing so why not combine them. The result is pretty darn good! Husband complements me on it every night so I don't nag at him when he tops his bowl of ice-cream with them. Daughter #2 loves them on cheese (good way to get some protein in her as she is a vegetarian), and Cousin loved using them for breakfast on toast with almond and peanut butter.

Speaking of Cousin, last weekend turned became a mini family reunion with aunts and cousins visiting from Australia, Saudi Arabia, California, and Pennsylvania. I wanted to prepare a vegetarian meal that had the flavors of Persian cuisine but not something traditional. The Lentil Dish #4 is sort of deconstructed and dry version of Aash, which is a soupy stew. They all loved it so I thought I would have it on this weeks menu and hopefully you will enjoy it as well.

Cousins also went crazy with a jar of house made harissa we had left from an event. They put it on everything.... my favorite was the mixing the sweetness of carrots with the spicy and tangy flavor of the harissa and hence the Sauce #11.

The ?Taco?- Well, when Roberto tells me he has a new batch of grass fed ground meat, husband and Laura often ask me to put tacos on the menu. The packaging always deters me from doing so. Finally we figured if we have the rice, meat, beans, and salsa served separated as a main course and have the fixings as a salad, it would give you the option of making your own taco's if you want to.

Every dish on the menu, as always, is inspired by something we eat, we want to eat, or ingredients that excite us when we get the list of local items available at the market.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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