Eeeeesh.....Hours at a Mall feels like sitting in Statistics Class...

Eeeeesh.....Hours at a mall feels like sitting in statistics class my junior year in high school where 2 hours seemed like 22. We've had a lot of family coming and going these past few weeks and most of the women in my family can spend hours and hours, day after day shopping at malls and department stores. When they are visiting us here in Virginia, the first stop is Tysons Corner, then Georgetown and all other malls and shopping centers in a 40 mile radius and then repeat. I kid you not! Luckily Sis #1 takes on the task of taking them around but sometimes I do give her a break and become the guide. How I get through the shopping is by keeping my eye on the prize. The prize being lunch and dinner. Now if I was in charge of daytime activities, I would be taking them to the museums of course, and then all the food markets. Union Market, and Eastern Market would be on top the list. If you are going to visit Union Market go on an empty stomach, you might want to try multiple eateries while you are there.

Then there is farmers markets, you can pretty much find a market open both in the mornings and afternoons almost every day in the same 40 mile radius. No need to seek a restaurant for breakfast or lunch either. There is always someone selling coffee or some sort of a drink and then depending on where you are, crepes, fresh breads, breakfast muffins or sandwiches are some of the many choices most markets offer.

While munching on the breakfast yummies, you can shop for produce, and all kinds of other stuff such as soaps, oils, eggs, pickles, jams, chicken, beef, flowers, honey..... Now doesn't that sounds lot more fun than shopping at an indoor mall? ;)

Anyway, as I visit multiple markets for you and me both :) I always find something new and different to keep our menus ever changing. This past week, I met a new couple who practice organic methods of growing micro greens and shoots among other items. I am really excited about using spouts and micro greens from them on regular basis for the weekly meals. There are also a couple of farmers that grow less common items that we don't see at the weekend markets so I ordered bunch of amazing veg and fruit including the Georgia Candy Roaster Squash, fresh turmeric, Italian plums, husk cherries, Asian pears, sweet kohlrabi, daikon, purple potatoes and more.

So as always this weeks menu is dictated by my what is available locally and my love of farm and food.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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