I hope you will enjoy taking a trip with me to France...

As I always look for new and yummy ideas for my weekly menu, Sis #1 always has wonderful suggestions as she is a trained chef and a foodie. She mentioned to me that she had just been to Daniel Boulud's DBGB and had a wonderful salad (# 8 Arugula Salad) that made her think of me so she took a picture of it and picture of the menu and sent it to me so I would include it in this weeks menu. A great start for this weeks menu I thought! I pulled out all the old menu's from Boulud's restaurants that I have in my files and remembered that they are always filled with French culinary terms. Though I think of myself being a sophisticated cook, I always find myself getting my phone out from my purse and looking up what some of these terms mean under the table.

So, there came the inspiration for this weeks menu; Boulud's menus, French/Mediterranean culinary terms, ingredients, and techniques you find in French cooking except lighter, and a little simpler...The Ezie way ;)

Pistou - is a Provençal cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, herbs/greens, and olive oil.

Peperonata - stewed peppers, onions and tomatoes to which other fresh vegetables may be added and to top as a sauce for meats and poultry

Persillade- a mixture of chopped garlic, shallots, parsley, and olive oil

à la française - literaly it means according to Frech way- usually refers to a sauce made with lemon, green onions and cooked shredded lettuce

Brunoise- Vegetables cut into very small diced pieces, based on a julienne cut, but just turned 90° and diced.

Bisque - A smooth, creamy soup made from a base of shellfish stock.

So, I hope you will enjoy taking a trip with me to France, or at least a French kitchen. Bon Apétit!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food... Enjoy!

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