Papa was excited to find Sorrel...

Sorrel- Papa was excited to find sorrel growing wild when we first moved to the states. He had not seen the tart and lemony greens since his childhood, when he lived, what was back then the Soviet Union. In the late 70's when we lived in Fairfax, he dug a few of the plants from the common area in our neighborhood and planted it in a garden patch that he was starting. Those plants spread and grew for decades in that garden and he took a pot full of them with him to every house my parents moved to and transplanted them again and again.

Every time I moved to a new house, he would bring me pot to plant in my garden as well. Papa has been gone for a while now and his gardens are no more but his grand kids who don't even remember him, still fight over a few leaves of sorrel if it is ever brought to family dinners. I used to have a small patch of the same sorrels from the original 70's garden but a couple of years ago the cold winter destroyed the roots and they are no more :( Yesterday out of nowhere, Laura said that the sorrel in the garden was doing really well and she is going to bring some to plant in our kitchen garden and that we should use some for this weeks menu. So hence the Chicken with French Sorrel and Mushroom Sauce. Hope you will love it!

You wouldn't know from the hot weather we've been experiencing the past few days that fall is really around the corner. This means we are getting close to the end of local tomatoes, summer squashes, cucumbers and melons. We thought this would be a good time to offer some of your summer favorites while the melons are sweet, tomatoes are locally grown and vine ripened, cucumbers are juicy and crunchy... Enjoy!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...

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