Eat your rainbow...

Eat your rainbow- There's no question that eating three or four servings of vegetables and fruits daily will improve your health. But eating variety of foods is the key to getting the maximum benefits.

If you eat a diet of solely white foods, and you'll miss key nutrients your body needs even if you include onions, mushrooms and cauliflower to your list of white foods. Adding a multivitamin doesn't do it either. Reality is that scientists don't know whether whole foods may offer undiscovered benefits that vitamins don't.

Every one of your meals doesn't have to be multicolored (though it wouldn't hurt to add a salad with different-colored veggies to the menu), but you should get a range of fruits and vegetables in varying hues over the course of a week. Most vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables have the most nutrition. Eating an array of colors just ensures that you get the benefits of all of them.

"When it comes to eating colorful foods it's best when items are in season or at their brightest and ripest," . "That's when they have the highest concentrate and nutrient availability." Colors of produce when summer is near end fall is making it's way are just amazing. Golden beets, purple eggplants,greener than ever leafy greens, red tomatoes, orange sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, purple plums, red cabbages....

This weeks menu is inspired by all the colorful veg available locally. Eat your rainbow!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...

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