What Kind of Chef am I ???

I've been watching a documentary series on chefs around the world and their journey from their childhood to becoming renowned chefs and restaurant owners. Something that keeps coming up in most of the episodes is the question of what kind of a chef they want to be, and how to create menus that are not all over the place. This made me think....

What kind of a chef am I?

Clean food, is what I want to cook! I can not help but put some Mediterranean touches of in my food. I love trying new things. For example, I am super excited about making basil broth infused with Parmesan rind for the tomato soup this week. I don't follow recipes to a T, even if is my own. There is always something I want to add or take out because of what is available at that given time or what else is on the menu.

I like creating, rather than making the same thing over and over. Working with local farmers, growing edibles, and always considering our planet in every step, is a passion for me!!! I get so happy and excited when I can go out the kitchen door and snip herbs right before I add them to what is on the stove, pick edible flowers to garnish, grab some cayenne peppers from my pots that I have been watching grow hotter and hotter, use my own fig trees leaves on cheese boards.... I love knowing that I am doing everything I can to give my clients the healthiest fresh food that I can and exposing them to ingredients that they might not try on their own. I guess the answer to the question of what kind of a chef I am is, I want to cook clean food that is filled with love!

Creating a menu that is not all over the place.

Well, I feel lucky that since the food we prepare unlike going to restaurants, does not get consumed in one sitting(though some of you have admitted to me that as soon as you get the bag, you open it and taste a bit of everything :) ). This gives me the opportunity to create a menu each week that is not committed to one particular cuisine. I think even when I make something like Patrick's Bahamian Rice and Peas, if Patrick himself was here and made the same dish with me, you could easily pick which one is mine. Clean, Mediterranean look and flavor is something that I can not help but add to even least clean foods such as mac and cheese or fried chicken. I love being able to create a menu each week that is mostly dictated by what is available local and seasonal. I love squeezing in ingredients that have super powers such as ginger, garlic, dandelion, turmeric to maximize "clean eating". So I guess, it's okay if I have a menu each week that is all over the place, but it works for you all, I hope!

With a menu that looks like it' "is all over the place", this is how I plan on serving it to my family this week.

Tuesday- dinner: #4 and #9

Wednesday- lunch: # 13 or #12 with #8 dinner: #1 and #7 #3 version for us veg people

Thursday- lunch: #5 or/and anything leftover form the sides and salads, dinner: #2 and #6 - #3 version for us veg people

Friday- Friday night is usually spaghetti night at our house, so #10 and #11

Saturday- #12 for lunch with any salad or veg sides left over

A and B- good for after school snacks with some celery and cucumber slices

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy creating it for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...

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