Yesterday I had a chance to stop at couple of farmers markets to see what might be coming up this weekend and find out from local farmers in person, what they might pick in the next few days. As I was strolling in the 90 degree heat that felt like 105, I noticed tomato and sweet pepper section of the stands are getting smaller and winter squashes, root veg and brassicas are taking over. This was a reminder that the end of Summer is near, September 23rd to be exact. This week might be the last time this year we would be able to have local tomatoes that are good enough to eat raw. Local melons will soon all be picked and put in temperature controlled rooms and slowly loose their sweetness as they sit in the dark warehouses.....so sad! But then, super exciting to see the crunchy kale, sweet winter squashes and colorful beets that will nourish us just as well. I wish I could show you all the beauties I see every week! Hmmmm!?!? Maybe I should start doing some sort of a time laps video so you can see where the food you eat comes from and how gorgeous it is when we get it and how lovingly we clean and care for it before it makes it's way to your table. My team is going to kill me with this extra task but I think that might be fun and nice, right?

Anyway, you will see this weeks menu is filled with gorgeous organic local summer and fall veg prepared according to your favorite choices.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...

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