Unusual Peppers are popping up all over...

Not sure why but for some reason these past few weeks all kinds unusual peppers are popping up all over markets. When I was checking out what was coming this weekend to the farmers markets, I saw these little current size peppers that reminded me of barberries. Stupidly, I took one out of the container and popped the whole thing in my mouth. Boy-o-boy my ears felt like they were on fire for a good while. 🔥 It felt like my heart was going pop right out of my chest. 💀 Well, of course I had to get a bunch and try to figure out what to do with them. I tried making a paste, yeah, no...Too hot!!! So then I tried making a dipping oil. YUM-O- YUM with a little Parmesan and good rustic bread, we have a winner! But you know how I think, if I am going to give you oil to have with bread, then I have to make sure there is some benefit to counter act the not-so-beneficial bread and oil I would be encouraging you to consume. First thing I thought I should do is of course is to add garlic to it, we all know the benefits of garlic. Then I thought I would look into the benefits of the pepper, the ones I am using in particular, the Siling Labuyo chile pepper. Turns out that these little bombs are really good for you.

Here is what I found:

The Siling Labuyo was at one time considered the hottest chile pepper in the world, however, it has now been replaced with hotter varieties.The Siling Labuyo chile pepper was added to the Slow Food Arc of Taste in 2014, a database of food items that are at risk of extinction that Slow Food aims to educate the public about in effort to preserve them for future generations.

Like many varieties of chile pepper the capsicum in the Siling Labuyo chile is not only responsible for the spicy heat of the pepper but for an array of health benefits as well. Siling Labuyo has been used as a way to trigger the body to release endorphins which can then act as a pain reliever in treatment of toothache and arthritic conditions. Additionally it has been used to treat dyspepsia, flatulence and to lower blood pressure. The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) has been studying Siling Labuyo chile peppers for their use in prevention of certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The leaves additionally are consumed and known to provide a source of calcium, fiber and iron.

You can find this chile pepper in our Special of the Week Seasoned Oil. The oil can be used for cooking or as a finishing oil. As I mentioned before, you can also use it as a dipping oil. Pour a bit in a small bowl, add a little Parmesan to the bowl, then dip your bread in it. Hope you will like it!

Anyway, you will see this weeks menu is filled with gorgeous organic local summer and fall veg prepared according to your favorite choices.

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