Missing Babushka...

Missing Babushka- Our familys' Babushka was exactly how one might imagine a Babushka should be. Snow white skin, kindest blue eyes ever, chubby and so soft that you just wanted to melt in her arms, or at least squeeze them a million times when she was near. Born in St. Petersburg, she studied architecture but after getting married to an Azari engineer, they left everything behind and immigrated to Iran.

She became our Babushka when her son married Sis #1. Babushka loved us all as we were her own, and unconditionally. Though my own grandparents cooked Russian food at home regularly, I believe their recipes were altered by their Azari and Turkish roots. Babushka had a live in Azari cook, but she kept the recipes classic Russian as it might have been the only link she had to home. I don't have any of her recipes but remember the taste as I had them yesterday.

Eggplant Caviar, and Beef Stroganoff are couple of dishes that always make me think of her and are included in this weeks menu. The red pesto Bucatini is also inspired by a pasta dish I had at her house one summer when I spend a few days with her. I watched her helpers make this tomato paste like sauce outside on an open fire for hours and then when it was ready, she cooked some bucatini pasta and tossed with some of that sauce and sprinkled some feta on it for me. It was AMAZING!

As always, this weeks menu is inspired by what is growing locally, by Mary, in our own gardens, and people who thought me how to cook.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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