Shasha rolls the individual dumpling shells at the speed-of-light...

Monday mornings are prep, soup and sauce days in our kitchen. We try to get started early and everyone gets here about the same time as that part of the process needs all hands on deck. I am not as bad as Chef Ramsey but I could get pretty fussy. However if Shasha is late sometimes, I don't get too upset, in fact we all are secretly happy because we know she will be walking in with some new creation of her dumplings :) She makes the dough ahead of time as it has to rise to a fluffy light consistency. Then she stuff's them with good amount of veg that are unlike other dumplings I have ever had. Laura and I thought if we watch her make some in front of us, we can learn, and then include it on the menu sometimes. No can do!

The way Shasha rolls the individual dumpling shells at the speed-of-light, it must be something genetic and not something that can be learned. Anyway, this stuff is just too good not to share. We thought she could make it on her own and offer it to you as a Special of the Week and see what you think. Since making dumplings is really time consuming the ordering for the dumplings will close at the end of the day on Saturday to give Shasha ample time to get her ingredients and do what she needs to do.

As always, this weeks menu is inspired by what is growing locally, by Mary, in our own gardens, and people who thought me how to cook.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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