What a Lucky Girl am I...

Few years ago my friend G found out that I was planning to quit my job and wanted to start a food service business. I was contemplating the logistics of it, and wasn't sure how to get started. "Just decide what you want to make and share it with a few of us friends, and I am sure we will love it!" is what G kept telling me. I left my job that June and brewed on the idea all summer.

The following fall, with G's encouragement, more like a push, I finally did it. Had a hand full of friends on the email list, and send out a very casual note, (like this one) with a few items for them to choose from. They all ordered that week and weeks to follow. With their comments and advice we figured out the details, and here we are in year 5.

Those hand full of friends are still our regulars, G is the biggest fan of Tofu, veg, lentils and her ultimate favorite is Orzo with Peas as mascarpone. Our mailing list has grown to 5 distribution lists and we have an amazing group of ladies working in the kitchen with us. Mary grows super amazing veg for us. Local farmers, ranchers, and bakers have become our regular vendors and we love dealing with them on a weekly basis. Requests for catering events, corporate lunches, dinner parties, or supplementing meals for gatherings are continuously growing thanks to you all.

The amazing thing about it is, that I love what we do more and more every day. What a lucky girl am I?!!

So this week's menu is inspired by G and all my lovely friends favorite dishes or ingredients. Thank you G for directing me towards my dream! ❤🍅🍝🍆🌶

As Always, what is local, organic, and what Mary is growing, has a lot to do with what is included on the menu. And we hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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