Bouillabaisse, Kinda...

Bouillabaisse- As I have mentioned before I have been a vegetarian for most of my life but once in a while I can not resist ordering a fish/seafood dish when eating out. Mostly because veg options are very limited, and sometimes the offering sounds amazing and I just have to try it.

So the other day, Laura and I were out and about in Burke Fairfax area. The traffic was just terrible and we didn't think we could last getting home, so we decided to grab a bite somewhere on the way till traffic dies. Whole foods, sounded like the best option. It was cold outside so we didn't really want salad. The hot food buffet really doesn't have much for me to choose from other than chinese food or Indian. I love Indian but everything Indian has mango powder or cinnamon in them and I am allergic to both, so there goes that idea.

We decided to sit at the seafood bar and the first thing on the menu was Bouillabaisse. I mean, it's whole foods, so you would think it should be all good and fresh, right? The bowls were put in front of us and though tasty and not too fishy tasting, I couldn't really finish the bowl. That is a rarity, I am a big eater and hate wasting food. All I could think about was how would I make this so I would like it? And then, how would I make it so I can share it with you? clams and mussels are scary territory for packaged food. Though we would make it on Tuesday, I just don't think it would be the same when packaged, refrigerated and reheated. I mean I hate that you all don't get to eat the food right off the stove to begin with.

Anyway with some recipe research and testing, I think I came up with a good combination that you all might enjoy. We will use no clams or mussels, but the Shrimp and crab meat will give the dish the same sweet taste. We will use several different fish and cut them so that they are not too big and chunky and it can be enjoyed with a spoon.

I am excited to be making Bouillabaisse this coming week and I will be cheating my vegetarianism and have bowl myself :)

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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