Collagen in the Bone Broth...

I might have mentioned in my past blogs that Sister #2 is an acupuncturist and a physician in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is just amazing and I truely believe and will do anything she tells me when it comes to health and my body. There is however this one thing... She often tells me I need to eat grass fed beef and drink beef bone broth as it has many health benefits.

Couple of days ago I went to her for a treatment and as I am laying there getting 30+ needles in me I am looking at her face closely (yes, I look at her closely all the time but somehow this time I was really focused on her skin) and though she is almost five years older than me, her skin makes her look as if she is 10 years younger. Just not fair! She's the one who lived under the California sun for 20+ years !?!?!? When I made a comment to her, as usual her response is: " it's because of the grass fed beef ". She once again explained to me her opinion/knowledge on this matter and to make it sound more attractive to me, she told about the collagen in the bone broth and how it helps with bones, skin and ...... and keeping you look and feel younger.

I have been a vegetarian for almost 40 years so eating beef is not going to happen, just can't do it! For environmental reasons and many other reasons, just can't do it. I do however try to keep a good stock of the bone broths for my lovely clients and you all seem to like it. I did a little more reading on this and research shows that benefits of bone broths are higher when made with veg. Well, not only do we start our batch with veg and herbs anytime we make broth, for special of the week, we are adding ginger, lime, and coconut milk in it so you could pretty much drink it on its own or just add a few chopped veg or greens and some hot pepper for a curry like soup. Though I'm not making any claims, let me know if your skin miraculously looks younger after this 😁

This will be the last week for our meal deliveries for this year. We look forward to a new year of making healthy deliciousness for you starting again from January 7th.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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