Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

This week's menu is inspired by some of the dishes we prepared over the holidays.

#1 Roasted chicken and veg- Mama used to make the chicken dish #1 for us almost once a week. My favorite thing to do was eat the veg that roasted with the chicken and dip bread in the juices. So this is my go-to dish for my family dinners now.

#2 Salmon with Smoky salsa verde- A friend stopped by on New Years Eve for a couple of hours and brought some smoked beer for husband and I to try and it was delicious. That got me on giving smoky flavors to some of my favorite condiments. So the salsa verde will have this hint of smokiness with that is unexpected with the fresh herbs and the light fish.

#4 Rice Bowl- This one is really interesting.... brewing a ginger tea, making a tea out of matcha powder, mixing them up and then cooking grains in it. I like brown rice with this as I like the earthy taste of the brown rice and the matcha with the pungency of the ginger. Then topping it with mild veg and then kick it up with sesame soy dressing and the seaweed.

#6 veg with miso- Miso is just a magical invention. This amazing paste comes in various flavors and intensities and the health benefits just make it even more attractive to us vegetarians. People of Japan start their day with a bowl of miso as they believe it stimulates digestion and energises the body.

#7- Potatoes with asparagus pea confetti- To me this makes a perfect lunch if I just add a bit of fresh herbs or some leafy greens to it. The peas provides some protein for us vegetarians and the potatoes are filling and get me through the day. Drizzling some heated Mornay Sauce #11 instead of salad, if another perfect lunch on a cold day.

# 12 Onion Soup- Emil loves everything onion! So this garlicky onion soup is a concoction I came up with when I didn't want to make French Onion Soup for her when she wasn't old enough to cook it herself.

#13 Lentil and Celery Soup- Soup for those with high blood pressure. Yep, Husband loves potato chips and salt and butter on his white rice so the blood pressure sometimes gives him a bit of warning to watch what he eats. Studies show that celery and basil help regulate blood pressure. Of course you would probably have to consume a whole head of celery everyday to see significant results. This soup is packed with tons of celery and basil and we use french lentils as they have a salty flavor to them so it helps when trying to reduce the use of salt.

B Marinated Beans- I just love love love lima and fava beans and this is a lighter version of something I came across in Food and Wine magazine. Pile this mixture on a toasted rustic bread and YUM!!! Or you can scoop some on your salads for added protein or mix it with white rice for a full meal.... yum again!!!

Hope you will enjoy this week's meals as much as we love preparing it for you!!!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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