Game Changer !!!

My husband and two adult kids always complain that I don't sit still for too long, ever! When I complain about their procrastination or finishing up a project, the response is: "We are not made like you" or " we just don't have the same energy as you".

Ever since I was a little girl, I was the first up in my house and last to sleep. During holidays and weekends I was the only one up for an early breakfast and that seems to still be true today. I have been told many times by my family, "you are just full of energy and you have always been that way", "it's just the way your body is". I never thought too deeply about this and just thought in my head that they are just lazy 🙄 Then recently when I saw parts of The Game Changer Movie (waiting to finish watching it with husband), I thought WOW! All these years that my siblings, friends, coworkers, husband, kids.... have nagged at me about my endless energy, I should have been the one nagging at them about their diet. .

I have been a vegetarian for almost 40 years but even as a child, they had to bribe me to eat any type of meat. My school in Tehran had a full sit-down lunch service with soup, main course, salad and dessert. We would have to clear our plates, or we sat in the dining hall alone till we were finished. Not really a harsh punishment now that I think about it, but somehow back then it seemed to scare us all. Daryoush,the poor boy that had to sit next to me for 8 years, got used to me separating the meat out of my food and putting it on his plate. The first few times he told on me. One day I tossed the chunks of beef behind the radiator heater and by dessert, the scent of burnt meat got the headmistress's attention. This time the punishment was very cruel! She made us pick up the beef chunks off the floor, put them on my plate and she stood by me with her riding crop(horse whip) till I ate them. Daryoush from there on, felt sorry for me and never acknowledged it again that everyday, I switched his veg for my chicken, lamb or beef. Plant Based Diet!!! 😁

Because of the movie Game Changer, other athletes and health guru's speaking up about the benefits of plant based diet to our health and our environment, I am hearing from friends that they are giving it a try. Even a lot of the kids at my daughters school are trying to figure out how to change their diet and become vegetarian or vegan. We also have noticed that our vegetarian items, especially #3, #4, salads, and soups are becoming more and more popular. So this week's menu, not too different from the ones in the past but with more conscious effort, includes complete vegetarian dishes. Also note V V for Vegan items.

Hope you will enjoy this week's menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food...ENJOY!

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