Getting through cold and flu season!

Getting through cold and flu season- I'm not even going to mention the C word. This stupid outbreak has us all worried about what the next few months might bring 😕. The key to protecting ourselves and our families from this, is good health and a strong immune system. If we have a weakened immune system we are more susceptible to colds, flu and other problems. Germs are everywhere and being exposed to them is a natural part of life. Building a strong immune system is your best defense against infectious illness and disease.

Your immune health depends on the lifestyle choices you make every day. By supporting your body's own natural ability to defend itself against pathogens, you will not only have resistance to colds and flus but to other infectious illness that comes your way. Consume a diet rich in fresh, whole foods with abundant organic vegetables, and fruits, avoid sugar, chemicals and processed foods. Of course we are a good resource for you but don't stop there. Don't skip meals. Drink lots of water. Try to have a variety of fruits and veg everyday. Snack on nuts and fruits instead of sweet or salty snack packs. Add fermented foods to your diet.

Anyway, to make this a bit easier for you, we came up with a menu that includes some of the most immune boosting ingredients but don't stop there. Try to include these ingredients in your diet regularly.

Ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric, citrus, yogurt, tomatoes, red pepper, broccoli, olive oil, spinach, Moringa, apples, bone broth, shiitake mushrooms, fennel, miso and other fermented foods such as tempeh, kimchi and olives.

Eat well, sleep well, think positive, breath deep and intentional, and hopefully soon the C word would longer spread.

We hope you will enjoy these dishes as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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