We are so excited about getting back...

Oh my goodness!!! Hope this email finds everyone well. We are so excited about getting back to the regular routine and some semblance of normalcy. It was harder than usual to decide on what to put on the menu this week. There is so much I want to bring to you and tell you about but I have to control myself and ease into it 😁

When I sat down this morning with several lists of what will be available to use in my menu, of all things, first item on the list popped at me was the green beans. I love all veg but green beans are way down on the list for me, well except with Fasolia. I probably have told the story a million times but here I go again... Growing up in Iran, during summer months my Dad would take the entire summer off and we would travel all around Europe for holiday. One place we always started and ended our trips with was Turkey. Turkish food is almost up there with Italian food, in my opinion. Every meal I think I ever had in Turkey started with "Yeni Fasolia". Fasolia in Turkish means beans. Yeni Fasolia mans new beans. It is usually served cold or hot, with rustic bread and side of yogurt, YUM YUM! After several years of travel to Turkey and since I was never a big fan of meats even as a child, to get protein in my body, my mom would always have a big container of Fasolia in the fridge for my after school snack. Much better than chips and dip or brownies eh? You will find Fasolia on the menu this week made with all local veg and I can't wait to have some myself.

I can pretty much tell a story about each dish on the menu but I will spare you, well except the story of the hot sauce. My friend J's husband M loves anything spicy. We have been exchanging conversations and samples of concoctions we've been coming up with what we are growing and so on. The other day I picked bunch of peppers from my own garden but they were too hot to use making meals for just Husband and I. So, I thought I would make a hot sauce out of them to send some to M. Well by end of that day, I ended up with tons of peppers from Roberto and then Mary brought me some as well. There must have been at least 20 varieties of peppers. I wanted to make something that had health benefits as well so I called my son, health guru and martial arts master. I literally could hear him drooling on the phone. He suggested adding parsley, bay and onions to the peppers to boost the health benefits. After hours of burning eyes and coughing, I have to say the sauce is pretty darn good. M hasn't gotten a sample yet but Son did and so did Emil. She put it on his little boys eggs that day. He calls me Zizi and asks for the Zizi sauce on everything now :)

As always our menu is dictated by what is fresh and local first. I started marking everything that is local and/or organic but I realized there is not enough space on the page. We will be getting the majority of our produce from Andy and Roberto. Their farms are not certified organic but they practice organic farming above and beyond the certification requirements. The beef, lamb, pork will most likely come from Pleasant Vale Farm which I will tell you all about next week. Seafood is still little hard to get and very pricey. We do our best to get Alaskan first, then we go to waters/countries with strict regulations.

Again, we are so excited to be cooking you delicious healthy meals again while supporting our local farms.

We hope you will enjoy these dishes as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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