Caviar-"Good things come in small packages...

Caviar- A perfect example of "good things come in small packages" is caviar. Yes, fish eggs. Well you most likely eat chicken eggs so why not fish eggs. I know all fish eggs are not good but, good fish eggs are really really yummy!!!

I grew up in a region of the world that the best caviars come from. Beluga caviar from the Caspian sea is noted to be the best in the world. Papa used to always have a tin of Beluga or Osetra in the back of the fridge and since I was the only one in the family who enjoyed it as much as he did, it was our late night special snack to share. He would take a slice of dark rustic bread and tear it into bite-size pieces. Then he would spread some sour cream on the bread, place a little bit of caviar over the sour cream, sprinkle it with a few bits of minced red onions, squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice and finish it with a dill frond. I would pop it in my mouth and it was an Umami galore! The briny caviar balls explode in your mouth as the tartness of the lemon and cream perfectly balances the taste of the sea and onion, then once in a while you get a hint of freshness from the dill... Yep, pretty darn yummy. Unfortunately the price point for Beluga makes it hard to enjoy regularly as a snack. However, I found that the Ikura (salmon caviar) that I can get from Alaska totally gives me the same pleasure for a fraction of the cost. So as the special of the week, we will mix all the ingredients from Papa's late night snacks in one and offer it as a dip/spread. All you have to do is just spread it on your own choice of bread or even veg. GF mini pancakes or slices of cucumber is what would suggest if you don't want to go with a heavy rustic dark bread. Also this week on the menu you will find Wagyu London Broil from another local farm that we have started working with. It is just wonderful that between Ovoka and Pleasant Vale Farm, we are able to bring you some of the best quality meats you can find. I am particularly looking forward to preparing Ovoka's Wagyu London Broil for you because this cut of the meat is pretty lean and you know I am all about lean and less fat ;) We hope you will enjoy this week's meals as much we enjoy, hunting, gathering, and preparing them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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