Most Thursday mornings ...

Most Thursday mornings I try to visit my favorite farmers to find out what they will be offering soon and place orders for the following week's menu. It is so fun to look at all the gorgeous produce and get the first dibs on them. One thing that is hard though, is controlling myself and not ordering a bushel of everything. I make a list of what I have seen and ordered, then work on the menu.

The first thing I noticed there this week was the baseball size beets that have been in the soil for all of spring and summer and are probably sweet as can be and packed with earth's nutrients.  Then there were the carrots with the tops shooting as high as my waist. I have to admit, when I see carrot tops, my mouth waters(can't wait to make carrot top pistou next week 😋). The two veg together just calls for the Russian Vinegret. Vinegret is a dish you will find on celebration tables served as a zakuska( Russian version of tapas) in most post-Soviet States, including my motherland Azerbaijan. Anyway, I think we've had it on the menu before but since I don't really ever follow a recipe, it will most likely be a little different than last time. 

Then there were the apples. If you tried the apple sauce last week you probably noticed that some bites were tart, some super sweet. Soooo good!!!  Since the apples are at their prime now and soon they will no longer be, "picked right off the tree that day" I had to order them again this week and thought we could pair it with pork. That I got a bushel of hehehehe!!!  

I really hope you will enjoy this week's menu as much as I enjoy putting it together for you. 

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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