Eat your Fruits and Veggies...

Eat your fruits and veggies-  It has been shown that individuals who consume at least 30 different plant-based foods each week tend to be healthier.  And this healthy habit is linked to having a stronger immune system, better mood and in general, ones wellbeing.   

The thing is, it is very easy for me personally consuming almost 30 plant based ingredients in my food per day, let alone per week. I also try to include at least 30 veg, fruit, herbs, legumes, nuts, seeds.... in our weekly menu, actually a lot more than 30. I also know eating like I do is not common, and that includes Husband . 

Yes, though the variety is always available to him, what he tends to choose is meat and potatoes or meat and pasta. This really concerned me and I seeked the advice of my friend Cristin who happens to be a registered dietitian, holistic health coach and many other wonderful things. Cristin's has her office here locally in Middleburg and had been telling about a product that she uses herself and for her family and recommends to her clients. I am not a big fan of taking supplements and have always believed that if you can get your food clean and fresh why pop a pill that who knows where it came from and what is in it? However, I am realizing that it is not as easy for most people and what Crisitin recommended for my family might be the next best thing.  The product, Juice Plus is made from juice powder of various fruits, veg and grains and nothing else.  Anyway I have Husband and kids taking it and I definitely think it has been very helpful. Not a complete substitute but helpful! 

This was almost a year ago and as the flu season is upon us and covid-19 doesn't seem like wanting to go away soon, I still really recommend you getting fresh, local, seasonal plant based food in your body before anything else to keep your immune system strong but I also want to share this shortcut with you just in case.  Cristin set me up with a website so if you are interested in finding out more about what I am talking about, you can visit  or contact Cristin directly if you need some advice. 

Hope you enjoy this week's meals as much as we are looking forward to preparing them for you!  I am looking forward to having a bowl of chili on Wednesday evening myself 

Hope you will enjoy this week's menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you. 

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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