On Any Given Early Morning...

Laura always walks in with both hands full and each time I think, oh my, what kinda work did she bring in for me again... Let me paint the picture for you :) On any given early morning, she will scurry in with empty compost buckets and quickly places them where they need to go while she mumbles something that I never can hear. Then she quickly goes back out to her car and comes back with a couple of bags. Sometimes these bags contain jars of dried herbs and plants . Sometimes nuts and beans from a trip somewhere. Sometimes it is what she has gathered foraging.... basically one never knows what comes out of these magical bags.

Oh, when the bags will contain branches and clippings of flowers or bushes, at that moment I think, OH MY there she is again, bringing more work for me, but then it always turns out to be something fabulous!!! One time she walked in with a potted Lemon Verbena bigger than herself. I don't know how she carried it inside. Oh and then there are times I find things she leaves outside for me. One time after she left for the day, I found two potted lemon trees and the next week I found a rosemary bonsai. Holidays are always great too, she will walk in with branches with orange and yellow berries for Thanksgiving or for Easter she brought these huge gorgeous clippings of redbuds. So you get where I am going with this, I never know what she is going to walk in with but it is always fabulous!!!

A Few days ago Laura walked in with a different bag than usual. ahhhh more work again!!! But what was inside was gorgeous, just gorgeous! Branches of Sumac.I mean big ole branches of sumac with the dark red-burgundy clusters of the seeds still intact on the branches. Sumac seeds are very difficult to grind, and no machine we have can do that. So again I thought how am I going to do this!?!?!? Then Miss Smarty Pants said, "oh no,I didn't think you would grind them, we should make a tonic out of it", "it is so good for them",them meaning you all. Well then, there you have it, the drink for this week is going to be the sumac Laura grew for you all. We will get some gloves on and start picking the seeds out, maybe by Tuesday we will be done :) Labor of love indeed!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!!!

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