Spaghettata...Eating Spaghetti with Friends!

Friday night is Spaghetti night at our house. Our favorite used to be just a simple fresh tomato sauce with garlic and basil. Easy peasy! Then a few years back Sis#2 brought back a bag of mixed herbs and spices from her trip to Italy.  I normally don't use premixed seasoning/herb packets so this bag of Spaghettata Floreale sat in the fridge for a good while.  One winter night when I had no fresh tomatoes in the house that were worthy of pasta, I used google translate to figure out the ingredients and cooking instructions on that packet. The results were WONDERFUL! A perfect dish for Spaghetti night. 

"Spaghettata is the word Italians use when referring to the act of eating spaghetti with friends. It translates literally into “spaghetti event” and is loosely defined in Italian as: gustosa mangiata di spaghetti in allegra compagnia; a delicious feast of spaghetti in lively good company."  Floreale, means exactly what it sounds like, Floral.  I just noticed the edible flowers in the garden are near their final days so a perfect time for Spaghettata Floreale for tonight's dinner.  Since you all can't join us, I thought I should make some for you on Wednesday. I bet you won't be able to hold off till Friday to eat it ;)

Hope you enjoy this week's menu as much as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.  Buon Appetito!

Hope you will enjoy this week's menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you. 

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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