Thinking of Spring...

Thinking of Spring- The snow was sure beautiful this past week but I am sooo ready for Spring! Not just because of the cold weather, but also because of the darn virus. I want to be able to see my friends and family and gather outdoors safely. I want to clean out my little garden and start seeing little seedlings emerge from the earth. It would be nice to want to go for a walk and not get lazy because you will have to put 500 layers of clothing on before you go outside.

All this thinking about spring makes me crave Persian Herbed Rice. Yes, I know my mind always goes to food. Persian Herbed Rice with Fish (Sabzi Polow va Mahi) traditionally is served in most Persian homes on the first day of spring. So I am going to jump the gun and make it this coming week. We are getting a shipment of gorgeous Alaskan King Salmon for this week's menu so that is perfect for my spring craving. We had a sample of this salmon while back to test. We broke it up into pieces with a fork and sauteed it with brewed saffron, lemon juice and olive oil and served with rice and herbs. Laura and daughter #2 (a vegetarian who is smart enough not to pass alaskan salmon) love it prepared this way so we will try it on you now and see what you think ;)

Given the mood I am in I would have gone crazy with spring dishe but the reality is, even under hoops and in green houses, spring veg is not available yet. So I will keep dreaming and continue appreciating things like persimmon, beets, and winter squash just a bit longer and hope that so will you. We hope you will enjoy this week's meals as much we enjoy, hunting, gathering, and preparing them for you!

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!!!

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