We have not been eating out at all...

Husband wanted to treat me to a nice meal last week so I wouldn't cook. Honestly during this past year we have not been eating out at all, and perhaps gotten carry-out for maybe three times if that.

I had been craving Bibimbap for a few weeks so we got some that day and I was reminded why I love this Korean dish so much. Bibimbop which I think means mixing rice is really a hot rice bowl topped with various raw and cooked veg, some sort of meat if you are not a vegetarian and usually kimchi, a fried egg on top, with side of gochujang sauce. The dish on its own is almost bland but once you break into the egg and/or mix the gochujnag in it, it is an umami heaven!!! I have always had my vegetarian Bibimbap with the egg on top. The runny yolk from the egg and the gochujang sauce binds the ingredients together which I just can not get enough of. Well this time, the egg was over cooked and there was no runny yolk to ooze out. Actually the egg was kinda crispy on the edges so I pushed the egg aside and instead of the usual spoon full of gochujang, I just dumped the whole container on my food and gave it a good mix. OH YUM!

I enjoyed my meal that day so much that I wanted to share it with you all.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!!!

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